E Services


E Services


Filing Centre with Ministry of Corporate Affairs:

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has introduced the MCA e-Governance programme with a view to providing all services relating to ROC offices on-line in e-Governance mode. We help to file electronic documents by companies with MCA on payment basis.


Facilitation Centre with Directorate of Commercial Taxes, GoWB:

The Directorate of Commercial Taxes, Government of West Bengal, has authorized a number of concerns / units to act as its Facilitation Centre throughout the state of West Bengal for offering e-services facilities to the dealers. Such services include Profession Tax Registration for Employer and Employee, Filing of Return, Payment with Department and Renewal.


Facilitation Centre with GST:

Assessee of GST can avail the facility to file their returns and other documents electronically along with associated facilitation on payment of specified fees.


e-Return Intermediary on behalf of the Income Tax Department:

The Income Tax Department has launched this with the aim of improving the interface with the taxpayers. An authorized e-Return intermediary is allowed to electronically file income tax returns on behalf of the tax payers.


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